I adore homemade pizza and good restaurant pizza, sometimes even a mediocre slice on the fly will do… And I know I’m not alone. As I noted earlier, pizza provokes passions.

If you’re into making healthier food choices, I will share my favorite Homemade Pizza tips this week. Also, stay tuned for my homemade pizza dough recipe. It’s worth a try and a good recipe to get small hands involved in if you want to cook with kids.

A real pizza stone and good quality pizza oven kit makes a huge difference. I’ve been through two of the high-end volcanic or some such model at W-S. The first one cracked and the second shows signs of going that way. Next one I am going to try will be the Californo kit I found out from an online catalog of a restaurant supply store.

Now, here comes my tips for making healthier and delicious pizza at your own home!


  • Making pizza at home allows you to control the quality of the ingredients. Make the right choices according to your nutritional needs.
  • Use a pizza kit – check Californo or your local restaurant supply store.
  • Try different recipes for your perfect crust.
  • Be creative! This is the perfect chance for you to experiment with that vegetable you thought you’d never like to eat. Ever thought of putting a mix of fruit and vegetables on it? Pizza makes everything more delicious.
  • Good oregano is key. Throw out that plastic shaker bottle of gray-green stuff that’s been in the spice cabinet for ages. Get a real good quality one.
  • Enjoy with your family and friends. You can make a homemade pizza party and get everyone to cook together.
  • Bon appetit!

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