Pizzas are traditionally associated with savory dishes, and thinking of a dessert pizza is rather unusual for some people. Yet there is an abundance of dessert pizza recipes, and the variety of toppings is amazing. People who have a sweet tooth will definitely be spoiled for choice with desserts of the pizza type offered on a regular basis. There is a long list of delectable names of dessert pizzas: banana split and pineapple brownie pizza; pizza with grilled fruit and cream cheese; pizza with ricotta, plums, apricots and peanuts; layered pizza with pears, apricot preserves, granola and ricotta; pizza with blackberries; pizza with chocolate and nuts … The list can be continued with scores of other recipes making lavish use of fruits, chocolate, cream, ricotta over the tender cookie crust of dessert pizzas. Besides apples, pears, blackberries and plums, pineapples, kiwis and peaches are frequently featured in dessert pizza toppings.


Kids especially love desserts. They will be fascinated with the idea of making a difference to their idea of dessert by offering them dessert pizzas that have all their beloved sweet fruits on top of a delectable cookie crust. Chocolate chips, chocolate spread, peanut butter, marshmallows – these all have ample area for doing miracles on dessert pizza crust. Adults are bound to be equally impressed by dessert pizzas featuring heaps of fruits in colorful arrangements, together with fat free cream cheese – the healthy impact of such dessert pizzas is indubitable.




COOKING TIME: 15 minutes



  • Refrigerated sugar dough for cookies – 18 ounces
  • Frozen whipped topping, left to thaw – 8 ounces
  • Sliced banana – half a cup
  • Sliced strawberries – half a cup
  • Crushed and drained pineapple – half a cup
  • Seedless grapes, halved – half a cup



  1. Prepare your Californo pizza oven.
  2. Use the cookie dough to spread it evenly in a pizza pan. A cake pan can be used as an alternative. The dough should be spread thinly to achieve the perfect crust for the dessert pizza. Bake the pizza crust in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes until it becomes golden brown. Leave on a wire rack to allow the crust to cool.
  3. Spread the thawed whipped topping on the cooled crust. For extra deliciousness and healthier impact use fat free cream cheese.
  4. Use the fruits to arrange over the crust in the decorative pattern of your preference. Any other fruits can be added if you have them ready at home and you know they are favorites with your family.
  5. Refrigerate the ready dessert pizza until it is ready to serve.
  6. When you serve the pizza, be ready to see delight in the eyes of both kids and adults, as well as anticipation of a unique dessert to enjoy and remember.


For the perfect home made dessert pizza, enthusiasts can search for recipes to prepare their own dough, adding flavors according to taste to enhance the delectability of their unique dessert.

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